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Thank You

My sincere thanks to the University of Washington Classics faculty for permitting me to ask so many questions about your books and for your enthusiasm for this project. The opportunity to study with many of you has changed my life for the better. You are amazing, singularly and collectively.

A special thank you to Alex Hollmann for actually standing at the crossroads of scholarship and art in the making of his artists’ book, the beautiful Golden Histories.

I am grateful to Alain Gowing for accepting me as a post-bac student in the first place, for allowing me to do this
project as my senior thesis, for coming up with great titles, for making his own superb artists’ book, Roman Fragments, for being so wonderful to work with and particularly for being willing to take on the extra due diligence at Volterra.

Thanks also to Catherine Connors for inspiration at every step of the way and for contributing the Stories from Latin Roots book by Mrs. Dublin’s 5th grade class at Laurelhurst Elementary.

Thank you to each of the artists who graciously gave permission to use photographs of your work in this catalog, with extra thanks for those who took the time to answer the questions that came along with the permission forms. Some mornings I would feel overwhelmed by this project. Then I would open my email and read your responses, many of which touched me deeply, and everything would change for the better. It has been an honor to work with each of you and every one of your books.

My thanks to the extraordinary people associated with the library: to Dean Betsy Wilson for her interest in and support of artists’ books and for allowing this exhibition to come to fruition; to Associate Dean Paul Constantine for his interest, support, visits, good conversation and faith in this project; to Rare Books Specialist Wesley Nelson for his unflagging help and for making us laugh, even at the most difficult times; to Mary Mathiason, cataloger extraordinaire, who worked diligently to see that all the works in this catalog and exhibition were described and made accessible to all who are curious, and to Kate Leonard for her wonderful cover photograph and show poster of Artemis.



It takes a lot of heart to be willing to photograph the Goddess. I am especially grateful to Sandra Kroupa, Book Arts and Rare Books Curator, for her dedication to book arts and book artists everywhere and at all times, and for her constant encouragement, skill, knowledge and talent which she is always willing to share, and her ability to carry on, no matter what.

To all those who helped in the production of this catalog, I am very thankful: to Hannah Ricker for orchestrating all the required permissions, keeping track of everything, making photo layouts and generally holding it all
together with such good humor; to Wendy Huntington, for being such a great writing partner. Funny how you can know someone your whole life and never realize that they are a punctuation freak. I am looking forward to our next book, to be made up of the misspelled words from the thousands of emails we exchanged during this
project. I am particularly pleased that working on this project has inspired you to read the Odyssey. Edelbok and love. Thank you to Richard Huntington for contributing his amazing editing skills, which I heard he did while standing on a Bosu ball and eating cake. My thanks also to Laura Russell for sharing so much information about print on demand; to Timothy Firth for his ability and willingness to step in and make things happen and to T. Monteferrante for his keen sense of design and willingness to help, even at the last minute.

A special thank you to Tamara Somerfield for creating the beautiful six-foot tall Artemis, who presides over this entire event.

And finally, my loving thanks to Rion who is always there with encouragement and love, which makes all of this possible.

Lauren Dudley
October, 2013
Seattle, Washington

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