148 - 149

List of Artists and Authors

Meador, Clifton Kora pg. 137

Melhorn-Boe, Lise Body Map pg. 90, 91
Sex Rules pg. 86, 87 What’s For Dinner? pg. 31

Mersky, Deborah Alphabet Eyes pg. 46

Michaelis, Catherine Alice A Revealing History of Women’s Underwear pg. 83

Moore, Suzanne Every Breath, text by Gregory Orr pg. 68

Morrison, Lois Persephone pg. 94

Nettles, Bea Forbidden Fruit pg. 103

Piottin, Roger Missel Romain pg. 34

Prez, James 1st Reports (Desert Fog) pg. 59

Rice, Felicia, Enrique Chagoya, Codex Espangliensis pg. 139
Guillermo Gomez-Peña

Russell, Laura Bless This House pg. 141

Schaer, Miriam Title Divine pg. 111, 112

Silverberg, Robbin Ami Home Sweet Home pg. 30
Testament Textiles pg. 29

Sim, Jana Language Möbius pg. 49

Stone, Tamar Curvatures pg. 78, 79 Dress versusWoman (Plain Words for Plain People) pg. 80, 81

Stroup, Sarah Culpepper Catullus, Cicero, and a Society of Patrons: The Generation of the Text pg. 65

Tollefson, Reeta and Mare Blocker Tale’s End pg. 143

Topper, Kathryn The Imagery of the Athenian Symposium pg. 133

Tyler, Ann Billy Rabbit: An American Adaptation pg. 125

Unknown artist Scrapbook pg. 28

Van Velzer, Lawrence G. and
Peggy Gotthold Herakles and the Eurystheusian Twelve-Step Program pg. 134
Vandorou, Maro Persefóneia pg. 94

Viguers, Susan T. Calling Home pg. 51

Wang, Shu-Ju The Dog’s Tale pg. 19

Watanabe, Mikio Radieuse,
text by Gilbert Lascault pg. 69

White, Tony From the Literary Kitchen of Tony White pg. 36

Wilson, Carletta Carrington Naked in the Marketplace pg. 122

Yale, Melinda What Mom Says pg. 97

Zebrowski, Ewa Monika My Mother, Myself pg. 98


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